What Makes a Great Sponsorship?

This week’s ExpoChat was all about sponsorships – what works and what doesn’t. In case you weren’t on the live chat, you can read the tweets archive online. (And be sure to check the TSNN site to join us for future chats!) Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how long the list of sponsorship

Detroit’s Cobo Center Makes Going Green a Priority

Since today is all about the ‘wearing of the green,’ it only seems appropriate to share the story of how one convention center is going green every day. The idea for this episode was sparked during a recent edition of ExpoChat about sustainability in the world of trade shows. I was very impressed with the

Weekly Insights: Congrats to the TSNN Top 250!

TSNN has announced the list of the 2016 TSNN Top 250 Trade Shows in the United States, which is based on net square footage. It’s always interesting to see the list and where shows rank, particularly those who juggle some of the top spots from year to year. This year, CES 2016 ranked in the

Weekly Insights: Do Exhibitors Know Who Owns the Show?

Earlier this week, I came across a disturbing discussion in LinkedIn regarding an article on the CEIR blog titled “Whose Show Is It Anyway?” It seems that based on a recent survey conducted by The New Hughes Group, an overwhelming majority of exhibitors are clueless about who owns the show they’re exhibiting in, and most

5 Ways to Keep Your Leads from Slipping Away

There’s a long-standing statistic shared in the trade show world that 80 percent of leads are never followed up. While some may doubt the accuracy of that number, I must say it seems pretty on-track with what I’ve experienced as an attendee. And even though I understand how this happens — leads tend to get

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