Weekly Insights: Clever Tech Tools

Whether you’re exhibiting or managing trade shows, things are getting smarter and more streamlined with all the technology that’s out there. Today, I want to introduce you to a couple of tools that may be just the solution for a problem you’ve run into. First up is a photo booth kit. Let’s face it …

Weekly Insights: Outdoor Retailer’s Future Up in the Air

For two decades, Outdoor Retailer has held two shows per year in Salt Lake City. And while there have been rumors in recent years it might consider leaving, recently that option has hit a fever pitch in response to political actions in Utah. Here’s the story in a nutshell: Last December, President Obama approved the

Weekly Insights: Why Trade Shows Work

In my 20-plus years of participating in trade shows as an exhibitor, show organizer, and now consultant, I’ve heard all kinds of gloom-and-doom predictions about the industry. When social media came on the scene a decade ago, people were saying that trade shows would die because everyone could get all the same benefits online. But

What is the Key Strategy of Champions?

This coming weekend, two teams will meet to determine America’s football champion. And while each team brings different specialties and strengths to the field, there’s one thing that’s certain: all the players have spent countless hours perfecting their skills. Prefer to listen to this article? Just click on the play button at the bottom of

Weekly Insights: 5 States May Soon be “No-fly States”

January 22, 2018 looms large in five states: Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and Washington. That’s because if nothing changes, residents of those states will no longer be allowed to fly unless they have a passport – yes, that means flights that never leave U.S. borders. I’ve been following this issue closely because I live in

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