Weekly Insights: Using a Sponsorship to Entertain

Let’s face it – far too many sponsorships lack imagination and creativity. But here’s one that was outside the box … or should I say “diamond”? Emirates Airlines thought about how they could connect with the audience at a baseball game, so they brought their cabin crew out on the field before the game. Watch

Weekly Insights: Looking to the Future

Here’s a lesson for the New Year that applies to both exhibitors and show organizers. Feel free to pass it along!

Top 10 Posts of 2016

In case you missed a few posts along the way this past year, here’s a roundup of the 10 most popular: Grass Keeps Getting Greener for the Golf Industry Show (reprint of the TSNN article from historic shows series) Weekly Insights: Setting the Tone for 2016 A Look at the Year Ahead with Jim Wurm

Maximizing Sponsorships

Many exhibitors think that sponsorships are only for the big guys – you know, those companies who already have large island booths and big budgets. Actually sponsorships are often available in all price ranges, allowing even exhibitors with a 10×10′ space to gain some added exposure, brand awareness, and increased booth traffic. Prefer to listen

Weekly Insights: Let the Voting Begin! (for Portable Modular Awards, that is)

I know, I know … everyone here in the U.S. is tired of hearing about voting. But this time it’s totally fun and you can vote every day for the next three months! The Portable Modular Awards People’s Choice competition is now open for votes. Winners will be announced at EXHIBITORLive in March. So check

Time to rev up your exhibit marketing!
GPS Your Exhibit Marketing - Free Workshop

When you set out on a long-distance road trip to a place where you have never been, odds are you don't just jump behind the wheel and start driving. Instead, you probably study a map or program your destination into your GPS System. So why not create a GPS to guide your exhibit marketing this year? Click below to request access to this free teleclass recording, along with a road map and a turn-by-turn checklist!