Weekly Insights: New UFI Report Indicates Trade Show Industry is Healthy

While recent world events might cause uncertainty for economy and security, the trade show world seems to be in good shape overall, according to a recent report published by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The Global Exhibition Barometer uses data gathered from companies in 56 countries during June to report the analysis

Weekly Insights: What Show Managers Can Learn from Pokemon®

I must confess … the whole Pokemon® game craze is lost on me. Last night, my husband and I attended a food truck festival and concert in the park. We not only enjoyed the scheduled festivities, but also laughed as we watched a large percentage of attendees wandering around in the grass, staring down trance-like

Weekly Insights: Are You Ready for the Attendee of the Future?

Let’s face it – these days, attendees want to be in control of their own experience. They thrive on the four C’s, which according to the Event Manager Blog are: Connection, Communication, Curation and Community. (Click here to read the entire article on the Event Manager Blog site.) They’re no longer content to simply show

Grass Keeps Getting Greener for the Golf Industry Show

(I wrote this article for TSNN.com and it was originally published as part of their 20th Anniversary series of historic show profiles – Reprinted with permission.) At the 1928 conference of the National Association of Greenkeepers of America (now known as the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America), 350 participants gathered at the Hotel Fort Shelby in

Promote Your Exhibit in 140 Characters or Less (Your Guide to Social Media)

Social media is nothing new. Many popular sites have been around for a decade or so by now. Yet few exhibitors are using these tools to their advantage. One of the best aspects of social media tools is that they open up the lines of communication far beyond your own individual circle of influence. By

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GPS Your Exhibit Marketing - Free Workshop

When you set out on a long-distance road trip to a place where you have never been, odds are you don't just jump behind the wheel and start driving. Instead, you probably study a map or program your destination into your GPS System. So why not create a GPS to guide your exhibit marketing this year? Click below to request access to this free teleclass recording, along with a road map and a turn-by-turn checklist!