Weekly Insights: Exhibitions Make an Impact

Earlier this month, 112 trade show industry professionals met with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. during the fourth-annual Exhibitions Day. Hot topics included: the continuation of Brand USA, infrastructure support for the nation’s airports, industry security initiatives, and laws to stop online booking scams. For a more in-depth report on the day, watch the video below

Weekly Insights: Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

On any given show floor, there’s a sea of predictable-looking exhibits. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stand out. You’ll learn dozens of tips for how to stand out in Exhibit Design That Works, due out in July.

Weekly Insights: Why Experiences Matter

It’s a fact of the new Millennium – people value experiences over things. Research shows that when companies create experiences, they not only become more memorable, but also build better relationships with customers and prospects of all ages. I mean, let’s face it … you don’t typically get the same feeling from a 30-second commercial

Location, Location, Location

It happens leading up to nearly every trade show — exhibitors get all stressed out over the location of their booth. Many believe that your location on the floor is a make-or-break situation and that there are only so many ‘perfect’ spots available. But in reality there is no perfect spot. Even the long-held strategy

Weekly Insights: Outdoor Retailer Lands in Denver, Teams with SIA Snow Show

This one belongs in the “saw it coming” category. As soon as I heard the list of contestants wooing the Outdoor Retailer shows after their exit from Utah, I knew Denver was going to win. And to do that, it had to solve the conflict between bringing in the OR Winter Show and the already-in-place