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Why is Change so Painful?

It seems last month’s post on Reinventing the Trade Show Floor touched a few nerves. First, there were a handful of unsubscribes from my monthly ezine. Then there were some heated comments in social media. It’s always amazing how pointing out the obvious can get people so fired up. You’ve got to wonder where the

Weekly Insights: How Welcoming are Your Follow-up e-Mails?

The show is over. You know the importance of follow-up e-mails, so you send out a blanket “thanks for stopping by” form letter. Bet that will make attendees feel all warm and fuzzy – NOT! Problem is, even at this stage you’re still competing with all the other exhibitors – or at least those who

Reinventing the Trade Show Floor: What’s Next?

It’s a fact of this rapidly-advancing era we live in: Consistently reinvent, or get run over. We see it happening all the time with major, often decades-old companies who fail to keep up, then soon wither and disappear. Yet in the trade show world, it seems that lesson generally goes unheeded. Sure, a few award-winning

Weekly Insights: Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

On any given show floor, there’s a sea of predictable-looking exhibits. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stand out. You’ll learn dozens of tips for how to stand out in Exhibit Design That Works, due out in July.

Weekly Insights: Is Your Imagination in Focus?

There’s one characteristic that successful exhibitors have in common: they’re not afraid to use their imagination. Whether coming up with creative exhibit themes and designs, crafting marketing tools that draw attendees in, or developing engaging ways to interact with attendees in the booth, they’re not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and look