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Weekly Insights: Showing Appreciation to Exhibitors

One key to a successful trade show is a great partnership between show organizers and their exhibitors. When exhibitors feel appreciated and supported – and because of that they see increased results from their investment – they’re more likely to support that show in future years. Showing support for exhibitors doesn’t have to be complicated

Weekly Insights: What is the Cost of Design?

People often ask, “What does it cost to have a new exhibit designed?” And while the actual answer may vary for each exhibitor, there’s one thing that remains the same – in the end, it always costs more to hire a cheap designer!

Experiential = Memorable

Exhibits that are truly memorable to attendees go beyond basic the “who” and “what” of a company. Instead, create an experience that attendees will be talking about for days and weeks to come. (And telling others about!) Save

Why is Change so Painful?

It seems last month’s post on Reinventing the Trade Show Floor touched a few nerves. First, there were a handful of unsubscribes from my monthly ezine. Then there were some heated comments in social media. It’s always amazing how pointing out the obvious can get people so fired up. You’ve got to wonder where the

Weekly Insights: How Welcoming are Your Follow-up e-Mails?

The show is over. You know the importance of follow-up e-mails, so you send out a blanket “thanks for stopping by” form letter. Bet that will make attendees feel all warm and fuzzy – NOT! Problem is, even at this stage you’re still competing with all the other exhibitors – or at least those who