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Weekly Insights: Experience Design for Events

Designing an event no longer means simply crafting the color scheme and structures. It’s about creating engagement and memorable 3-D experiences. In this interview from Event Marketer magazine, you’ll learn some examples and strategies from design experts Robin Stapley and Heather Camardello from GES.

Weekly Insights: How Welcoming are Your Follow-up e-Mails?

The show is over. You know the importance of follow-up e-mails, so you send out a blanket “thanks for stopping by” form letter. Bet that will make attendees feel all warm and fuzzy – NOT! Problem is, even at this stage you’re still competing with all the other exhibitors – or at least those who

Weekly Insights: How to Work with an Exhibit Designer

Here’s a tool to help as you work through the exhibit design process. Follow these tips and everything will go much smoother, especially in the beginning stages. Trust me … happy designer = better results! (Want to share this on your own blog? Simply copy & paste the embed code below.) Share this Image On

Weekly Insights: Want to Connect with Attendees? Create an Experience!

The idea of creating an experience on the show floor is nothing new. I’ve been encouraging both exhibitors and show organizers to focus on doing that since the turn of the century. In fact in Exhibit Design That Works, I’ve devoted one entire section (four chapters) to creating multisensory experiences. Now the folks at Freeman

Location, Location, Location

It happens leading up to nearly every trade show — exhibitors get all stressed out over the location of their booth. Many believe that your location on the floor is a make-or-break situation and that there are only so many ‘perfect’ spots available. But in reality there is no perfect spot. Even the long-held strategy