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Weekly Insights: Why Experiences Matter

It’s a fact of the new Millennium – people value experiences over things. Research shows that when companies create experiences, they not only become more memorable, but also build better relationships with customers and prospects of all ages. I mean, let’s face it … you don’t typically get the same feeling from a 30-second commercial

Weekly Insights: What’s Ahead in 2017?

We’re way past January, when all the prognosticators are sharing what they see coming for the year. But sometimes it’s important to pause mid-year to take a reading of how things are going and what lies ahead. So here are two industry reports which do just that. First is the 2017 Economic Outlook Survey from

Weekly Insights: Why Trade Shows Work

In my 20-plus years of participating in trade shows as an exhibitor, show organizer, and now consultant, I’ve heard all kinds of gloom-and-doom predictions about the industry. When social media came on the scene a decade ago, people were saying that trade shows would die because everyone could get all the same benefits online. But

Weekly Insights: Trends to Watch for 2017 & Beyond

This week, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) released an updated version of their white paper, Future Trends Impacting the Exhibitions and Events Industry. This new version addresses several things that have changed since the original was published in 2013, including possible effects of the incoming U.S. administration. There are also a lot

Weekly Insights: New TSNN Report Released on Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales

TSNN has released their second report in collaboration with Access Intelligence Research – The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study: How Leading Convention & Exhibition Producers are Selling More Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Opportunities. The study focuses on effective strategies and tactics, along with related metrics from leading trade show producers. Key topics covered