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Weekly Insights: Engaging Attendees

Today’s trade show attendees aren’t passive spectators. They want to have an actively engaged experience on the show floor that stimulates their creativity and emotions. Let’s face it – if your exhibit isn’t engaging, there are others around you which are, and attendees will gravitate to those. So if you have a desire to create

Why is Change so Painful?

It seems last month’s post on Reinventing the Trade Show Floor touched a few nerves. First, there were a handful of unsubscribes from my monthly ezine. Then there were some heated comments in social media. It’s always amazing how pointing out the obvious can get people so fired up. You’ve got to wonder where the

Weekly Insights: Want to Connect with Attendees? Create an Experience!

The idea of creating an experience on the show floor is nothing new. I’ve been encouraging both exhibitors and show organizers to focus on doing that since the turn of the century. In fact in Exhibit Design That Works, I’ve devoted one entire section (four chapters) to creating multisensory experiences. Now the folks at Freeman

Reinventing the Trade Show Floor: What’s Next?

It’s a fact of this rapidly-advancing era we live in: Consistently reinvent, or get run over. We see it happening all the time with major, often decades-old companies who fail to keep up, then soon wither and disappear. Yet in the trade show world, it seems that lesson generally goes unheeded. Sure, a few award-winning

Weekly Insights: Why Experiences Matter

It’s a fact of the new Millennium – people value experiences over things. Research shows that when companies create experiences, they not only become more memorable, but also build better relationships with customers and prospects of all ages. I mean, let’s face it … you don’t typically get the same feeling from a 30-second commercial