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Weekly Insights: Clever Tech Tools

Whether you’re exhibiting or managing trade shows, things are getting smarter and more streamlined with all the technology that’s out there. Today, I want to introduce you to a couple of tools that may be just the solution for a problem you’ve run into. First up is a photo booth kit. Let’s face it …

Weekly Insights: Using Video for Trade Show Marketing

Are you using video as part of your marketing? Whether you’re a show manager or an exhibitor, there are many creative ways to include video before, during and after your events. And in case you doubt the power of video, here are a few stats: The Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 from Adelie

What Every Exhibitor (and Show Manager) Needs to Know About Branding

Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not your logo. It goes far beyond that, and if you’re not careful you might be misrepresenting it in your exhibits. So we’ve invited Ben Baker back on the podcast to talk about how your brand needs to tell your unique story, whether you’re an exhibitor or the

Weekly Insights: Tech for Events

There’s a new kid on the tech block – TeccSociety. This online membership platform provides education and insights curated for associations, companies, and non-profits that use technology at events, communities and conferences. Members will have access to tools that will simplify the tech selection process, including special “behind-the-scenes” Signature Tours that demonstrate technology solutions at

It Pays to Have Good Media Relations

Do you have a media relations plan for your trade shows? Most exhibitors and even a lot of show organizers don’t … and that could be hurting your chances for getting media attention. I don’t just mean how you treat the media who are walking the show floor (although we’ll get to that in a