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Weekly Insights: Experience Design for Events

Designing an event no longer means simply crafting the color scheme and structures. It’s about creating engagement and memorable 3-D experiences. In this interview from Event Marketer magazine, you’ll learn some examples and strategies from design experts Robin Stapley and Heather Camardello from GES.

Weekly Insights: How to Work with an Exhibit Designer

Here’s a tool to help as you work through the exhibit design process. Follow these tips and everything will go much smoother, especially in the beginning stages. Trust me … happy designer = better results! (Want to share this on your own blog? Simply copy & paste the embed code below.) Share this Image On

Exhibit Design That Works is Here!

Today’s the day … Exhibit Design That Works is now available! And like any Summer Blockbuster, there’s a trailer video. After you watch it, be sure to visit to learn more about the book. (You can also access a sampler PDF on that page.)

Weekly Insights: Tools You Can Use

Drayage. It’s one of those hot-button words in the trade show world, yet to many exhibitors it’s somewhat of a mystery. So here’s a tool that may help take a bit of the mystery away … at least regarding what to expect for costs. It’s an online Drayage/Material Handling Calculator, and it’s based on industry

Weekly Insights: Clever Tech Tools

Whether you’re exhibiting or managing trade shows, things are getting smarter and more streamlined with all the technology that’s out there. Today, I want to introduce you to a couple of tools that may be just the solution for a problem you’ve run into. First up is a photo booth kit. Let’s face it …