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After attending a workshop on Strengths in the workplace, it made me reflect on how the right combination of these core talents can make a big difference for exhibit teams.

You may be familiar with this theory if you’ve ever attended a Gallup workshop or read any of the numerous books on the subject. (But in case you haven’t, at the end of this tip you’ll find a link to a book that explains the 34 Strengths in detail.)

So here’s my Top 10 list of Strengths for exhibit staff.

This high-energy personality isn’t afraid to work hard. It’s good to have a couple of these on your team at all stages of the exhibit process.

Since this person can adjust well to change, they are an asset during the final stages of planning, as well as setup day (when Murphy’s law often rules). They may also be more able to adapt to various situations on the show floor.

These people are productive organizers. Need we say more?

Since this person can easily start conversations and is comfortable making presentations, they should definitely be a part of your booth staff.

They’re great at building rapport because they can easily put themselves in the attendees’ shoes.

As everyone knows, planning and executing a trade show exhibit requires a million different tasks. A focused person can not only set goals, but also act on them. You better hope you have at least one of these on your team!

In order to keep your exhibit fresh and creative, look for someone who has the ability to generate new ideas and get others excited about them.

With their contagious enthusiasm, this person can keep the entire team motivated through thick and thin.

While the focused person sets goals, it’s often the strategic person who maps out the plan of how to achieve them. They can see possibilities when everyone else feels frustrated and lost.

A true socializer, this person loves to meet new people and connect with them. They’re the ones who can generate a ton of leads at the show!

In an ideal world, you’d have at least one person with each of these personality strengths on your exhibit team. But in case you don’t, at least you know who to recruit for future shows!

Now here’s that link to the book StrengthsFinder 2.0, which includes a one-time code to take the online survey and discover your five primary strengths.

Here’s to your exhibit strengths!

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