Social Media Predictions

This week, Social Media Examiner posted 30 predictions from experts on what to expect this coming year. It’s definitely worth clicking over to read the entire article, but here’s a quick summary for you:

  • Consolidate & focus (tips #1 & 16) – Which tools are working? Where does your target audience hang out?
  • Use photos & videos (tips #2, 13 & 14) – Hard to believe YouTube is only 6 years old. How did we ever live without it? And more important … you are using video in your trade show marketing, right?
  • Work strategically (tips #4 & 9) – This is the bottom line … don’t waste time using tools that aren’t working to reach your target audience … period.
  • Use metrics (tips #7 & 16) – How do you measure social media results?
  • Maximize Facebook marketing (tips #10 & 19) – This 800-pound gorilla of the social media world is on track to hit One Billion (yes, with a capital B) members this year. How can you get more results from it?
  • Curate & sort (tips #5 & 17) – Yes, there’s a sea of information overload out there. That’s why you need to be “The Source” for your audience. (On a personal note, that’s one of my goals for 2012 … to become YOUR source for all things trade show related!)
  • Social + mobile (tips #21 & 22) – These two marketing worlds are definitely merging … are you on board with both?
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