This Week in Exhibit Industry News

This week’s news zeros in on Chicago, with two primary stories coming from there. First, the Windy City Chapter of TSEA has decided to form their own group, independent of the new TSEA-EACA merger. The new group, which held their first meeting this week, will be called the Midwest Exhibit and Event Professionals Association.

The second story is a big win for Chicago: the Car Wash Show has announced they’re leaving Las Vegas for the Windy City in 2014. The move comes as a result of Chicago’s recent labor reforms that make it more exhibitor-friendly environment.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has published their CEIR Index Report, which demonstrates a strong rebound for the trade show industry. All four metrics of measurement showed increases for 2011: net square feet, number of exhibitors, number of attendees, and revenues. To purchase a copy of the complete report, visit the CEIR website.

And finally, if you’re a fan of the music, film and interactive mega-event SXSW (pronounced South by Southwest) and always wondered what their secrets are to pulling off an event of that magnitude, here’s one: they use RFID tags in all their badges and credentials for easy authentication. You can read more about it straight from the SXSW team.


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