This Week in Exhibit Industry News – Red Diamond Congress Edition

The primary story this week was the first Red Diamond Congress under the leadership of the newly-formed Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA) in Chicago. Nearly 200 exhibit managers, suppliers and industry professionals (including yours truly) gathered at McCormick Place to network, learn, and draft a framework for the new association.

Each day of the three-day conference, there was a brainstorming session where attendees gathered in small groups to define what E2MA should stand for and what its purpose is within the trade show industry. Some of the over-arching themes included:

  • Need mentorships for new members and young professionals within the industry
  • Importance of positioning as the “umbrella organization” for event marketing, with members including exhibit marketers, show organizers, service providers, and marketing executives
  • Focus on advocacy and certification

Some of the hot-button educational topics included measuring and proving results, sustainability, and all roles within the world of trade show production working together. (Watch for upcoming podcasts from experts in these areas and more!)

Discover what people at the conference were talking about on the Twitter feed.

Watch interviews with speakers and attendees on the Red Diamond Congress video channel.

Learn more about E2MA or read news summaries in their Showfloor Buzz newsletter.

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