Exhibit Marketers Café Debuts Community for Show Managers

Photo credit: stock.xchng/wynand van niekerk
Photo credit: stock.xchng/wynand van niekerk

These days, show managers are looking to do more with less, yet still grow their shows. As a result, they often struggle to find ways to test out new ideas without implementing expensive experiments.

That’s where Exhibit Marketers Café founder and host, Marlys Arnold, saw an opportunity to launch a new online community for show managers to use as a test kitchen for new ideas. “While there’s no shortage of information and ideas out there — both online & off — much of it never goes beyond the surface, and nearly all of it stops short of providing the actual tools needed to take action that gets results,” Arnold said.

Community members will have access to a monthly conference call (known as the ‘Chef’s Table’) focused on a particular hot topic or challenge currently facing show managers, such as exhibitor communications, social media campaigns, or driving traffic on the show floor. The first call, “Defining a User-friendly, Highly-visited Show Website,” is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28, and will reveal secrets to creating a site which encourages exhibitors and attendees to turn there for answers while saving staff time and energy. Members will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and offer input during these roundtable-style calls, as well as in a private online forum.

Arnold sums it up this way: “Just like in a recipe, simply throwing a list of ingredients into a bowl doesn’t necessarily result in the dish you were hungry for. You need to take the right steps, at the right time, and use the right tools. This community will provide training, support, and opportunities to connect with both experts and fellow show managers.”

To learn more or to become a member, go to http://www.exhibitmarketerscafe.com/show-manager-membership



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