Weekly Insights: Strike a Pose

Graphic: © Depositphotos.com/Kubko

Over the years, I’ve seen all kinds of selfie stations at trade shows (including some from before the term “selfie” even became popular) – from green screens to “poke your head through a hole in the backdrop” to posing with a cardboard character/mascot.

So why do these work so well as a booth attraction? Well besides the fact that people love taking (and sharing) photos of themselves … there’s also the ability to brand the photos with your logo, product or other identifying objects. Then when the photo is shared in social media, your brand gets exposure too. By sending a digital copy of the photo, you have the opportunity to capture attendees’ contact information.

Plus there’s the benefit of having people wait in line for their turn in front of the camera. Use that time wisely by having a booth staffer chat with those waiting to discover their reason for being at the show and determining whether they’re a good fit for your company.

And for show organizers, creating a professional selfie station for attendees allows for additional sponsorship opportunities. Have attendees use the show’s hashtag when sharing to be in the running to win a cool prize. Your event gains a lot of buzz in social media!

To get you started brainstorming some clever selfie station ideas, here are a couple of videos. The first is from the LA Auto Show:

and the other one is a compilation of examples from EXHIBITOR Magazine (sorry, this one’s not embed-friendly, so you’ll have to click over to their site).

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