Weekly Insights: What to Do with All Those Leftover Giveaways?

Graphic: © Depositphotos.com/scanrail

You’ve spent hours studying all those promotional products catalogs, and finally found the “it” giveaway that perfectly aligns with your audience and message. You ordered hundreds (or thousands) of those goodies to hand out in your booth.

But your audience wasn’t quite as wild over the gift as you anticipated, and you have boxes of t-shirts, tote bags, or stress balls that you really don’t want to ship back to the office.

Never fear! There are ways to repurpose those items so they don’t end up in the dumpster, or back on your desk.

Find out if there are local schools who might want those tote bags, notepads, or other gizmos and gadgets for their students. Donate that box of t-shirts or water bottles to a local shelter.

For even more ideas for how to help your giveaways find a new home, check out this article from Meetings Today.

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