Weekly Insights: Sorting Out the Coronavirus Threat to Trade Shows

Coronavirus threat to Trade Shows

When word that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was canceled due to the coronavirus hit the news, it got the attention of the entire trade show industry.

Should other international shows be canceled or restricted? Would anyone from China be able to attend any shows in the near future?

That was the topic of this week’s ExpoChat, the weekly Twitter conversation for the trade show community. You can review the entire chat transcript for reactions and recommendations, but here are a few resources mentioned where you can learn more about the facts of the situation:

In case you are considering canceling an event, here are some resources to help in that evaluation:

And the good news is that not all shows are in panic mode, especially in the U.S. TSNN has an article profiling what several major shows are doing to minimize the effects of the virus on both attendees and exhibitors.

UPDATE 2.25.20:

The event cancellations continue to mount – especially in Asia – and the meeting and events industry is bracing for even more challenges in the weeks ahead. This article from CNBC lays out some of the costs and far-reaching effects.

The city of Barcelona got creative after Mobile World Congress was canceled. They created Barcelona Opportunity Week, which offered deals at hotels, restaurants, and other venues that were losing out on the business MWC would have brought in. But the list of companies affected by the sudden loss of business doesn’t stop there – this article includes how a wholesale florist, taxi drivers, and meat vendors may be seeking to recover.

Meanwhile for events coming up, planners may discover that insurance is very hard to come by.

UPDATE 3.2.20: 

See new resource links as noted above. DesignNews also published an article recapping the effects on just the tech industry shows alone.

UPDATE 3.3.20:

More shows are canceling or postponing, while others forge ahead. Here’s where you can learn more.

UPDATE 3.6.20:

UPDATE 3.9.20:

UPDATE 3.11.20:

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