Smart Ways to Exhibit Green

Virtual Lunch

The trade show industry isn’t necessarily known for being environmentally responsible – but a few trailblazers are working hard to change that.

Al Mercuro is one of them, and in this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch he shares some often overlooked ways to be more sustainable at trade shows and events. You’ll discover how to:

  • Creatively repurpose everything from graphics to print materials
  • Take advantage of EDPA’s new sustainability partnership
  • Tap into solutions you may never have considered
  • Start the conversation within your organization (or with everyone involved in your event)

Here are the links mentioned in the interview:

About Al Mercuro

Al Mercuro
Al Mercuro

With over 30 years in the trade show and event marketing industry, Al Mercuro not only has a wide range of experience, but also an intuitive ability to match unique client needs to innovative solutions for both live and hybrid virtual events. Al’s experience & background in event promotion and musical production are an added benefit to his expertise in the trade show industry.   

Al has a passion for educating his clients on being more sustainable at their events. He’s a Member of the Sustainable Event Alliance, the Live Event Coalition, National Trade Show Alliance, as well as a founding member of MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events), and serves on the Sustainability Committee of the EDPA and The Event Safety Alliance.


(Transcript coming soon)


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