Weekly Insights: Standing Up for Exhibitors

Standing Up for Exhibitors

A trade show can’t happen without exhibitors.

Yet too often exhibitors are viewed more like an ATM than a partner by the show organizer.

Now there’s an organization that’s aiming to change things. The Exhibitor Advocate, led by Executive Director Jessica Sibila, aims to be the voice of exhibitors on everything from runaway drayage charges to making data and metrics more transparent.

We hosted Jessica at a Virtual Lunch earlier this year – you can listen to that interview here. There was also an informative article in Exhibit City News that outlines some of the primary issues The Exhibitor Advocate is taking on.

As an exhibitor, if you need help communicating your challenges with show organizers, official contractors, facilities, exhibitor appointed contractors, or others in the industry, The Exhibitor Advocate will act on your behalf. There’s no cost to request assistance, and there’s an online form you can fill out here.

You have many ways to get involved with the organization (there’s a volunteer form here):

  • Help spread the word to more exhibitors
  • Volunteer skills or resources to help exhibitors bring issues and concerns to the right party in the right way
  • Speak at industry events to create awareness and promote action around key exhibitor issues
  • Provide current research, educational materials, data and tools to promote best practices that shift industry paradigms and drive positive change
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