Effective Lead Management from Gathering to Onboarding

Effective Lead Management from Gathering to Onboarding

Too many exhibitors think of lead gathering as simply a race to scan the most badges. Instead it should be the beginning of a system that guides a visitor in your booth along the path to becoming a valued client.

In this episode, Janae Peel from Captello shares tips and best practices for:

  • Staying focused on the conversation in your booth
  • Transitioning leads into your follow-up system
  • Personalizing follow-up to increase response
  • Building a relationship with your new leads

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About Janae Peel

Janae Peel
Janae Peel

Janae Peel brings her years of experience with client success to the events industry. Her passion lies with helping those in need and making a difference in their lives and businesses. In her current position as Client Success Manager at Captello, her goal is to be proactive and keep her clients informed.


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