Trade Show Blind Spots: What Are You Overlooking?

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Certain topics are getting lots of buzz these days: staffing challenges, budgets, sustainability, AI. But too often that’s all they are – buzzwords.

So for this episode of Trade Show Insights, I invited one of my trade show BFFs to join me for a conversation that goes beyond the surface of these topics to what should be on everyone’s radar.

You see for several years, Rich Vallaster and I have scheduled frequent touch-base calls to analyze what’s happening in the trade show industry, what’s working, and what needs to change. Now you have the opportunity to listen in as we discuss:

  • How staffing shortages at all levels can affect exhibitors
  • What show managers can do to make things easier for new exhibitors
  • Why shows need to reward loyalty for both exhibitors and attendees
  • How there’s a big disconnect around the topic of sustainability
  • When and how to put AI tools to use

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About Rich Vallaster

Rich Vallaster
Rich Vallaster

Rich Vallaster, CEM, DES, is the Director of Marketing, Live Events & the Trade Show Wonk at A2Z Events–Personify. He has spent the bulk of his career in the events business, from large-scale outdoor experiences to some of the largest trade shows and conferences in the U.S. He is an appointed member of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Council and an active member of the International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Rich has been quoted and published in numerous outlets regarding events industry topics. He also serves on several advisory committees and regularly speaks to association organizers, exhibitors, and attendees at events such as IAEE’s Expo! Expo! In 2024, he was appointed to the IAEE CEM Commission and teaches regularly in the IAEE Certified in Exhibition Management program.

He also wrote the foreword for the updated edition of Build a Better Trade Show Image.

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