Creating Events That Care for People & Planet

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Lifestyles have changed since the “Great Pause,” and stamina is a big part of that. While event attendees used to be willing to be booked solid from sunup to sundown (and far beyond), that just doesn’t fly anymore.

Savvy trade show organizers and exhibitors are learning to integrate wellness into all aspects of the event – from the overall schedule to meals to in-booth activities and more.

In this episode, wellness consultant David Stevens goes beyond the buzzword of wellness and shares strategic ways to integrate well-being into events by:

  • Becoming mindful of the attendee experience
  • Incorporating wellness elements in your booth
  • Designing after-hours events that won’t burn people out
  • Understanding what “wellness washing” is & how to avoid it
  • Pacing yourself and your team to make it through the entire show

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About David Stevens

David T. Stevens
David T. Stevens

David Stevens is a Silicon Valley native with more than 20 years’ experience in the corporate events industry. He’s worked in various capacities including agencies, non-profit associations, experiential marketing, incentives, concert and tour production. He co-founded Olympian Meeting, a wellness consulting firm for events, meetings & conferences, to help clients create impactful and meaningful experiences that drive engagement, awareness and revenue. In addition to being a fitness enthusiast and popular speaker on the topic of wellness, he also hosts the Return on Wellness podcast.


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