Weekly Insights: Don’t Quit Too Soon!

Road sign over highway: Don't quit too soon

I see it all the time … exhibitors check-out early on the last day of a show.

Sometimes physically, leaving an empty booth. (Not the impression you want to leave!)

But more often the staff is physically present, yet mentally checked out.

I saw this again while walking a recent show. Sure, traffic was lighter on the last day, but there were still plenty of engaged attendees exploring the aisles on the final afternoon – even at the back of the hall!

What’s even more impressive is how several small exhibitors in the far corners had a crowd huddled around their booth. At the same time, some of their neighbors’ booths were empty.

The traffic was there, obviously. People were finding their way to that aisle. So what was the difference?

In each busy booth, the staff was standing and engaging with the audience. While in the empty booths, the staff was more interested in their phones, or sitting around having conversations with each other. They had stopped paying attention to attendees.

Now while this may be because of fatigue (which is very realistic), it definitely isn’t excusable. In fact, it’s incredibly rude.

You paid to have a booth for the full number of hours the show is open. Attendees on the final afternoon deserve the same attention as those who came on Day 1. In fact, I’ve often heard high-level attendees say they use that final day as a way to see who is most qualified to earn their business. And sometimes exhibitors get their largest client a few hours before the show closes.

So why wouldn’t you give it your all – right up to closing time?

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