Weekly Insights: Sponsorship Strategies That Get Results

Red and white "sponsorship" badge with a circular and ribbon design on a white background.

Recently Al Mercuro invited me to contribute to his “Industry Jargon of the Day” series on LinkedIn, and I shared a basic definition of sponsorships, along with one of my key tips for exhibitors to consider:

Linkedin post by Al Mercuro discussing the benefits of sponsorship at trade shows to gain exposure, referencing Marlys Arnold's book, Build a Better Trade Show Image, and this quote from her: "Opportunities offered by show management to showcase your company or product beyond your booth space; may include things like after-hours receptions, featured areas on the show floor, hotel shuttles, logos on lanyards or tote bags, pre-show marketing tools, and more (Hint: Don't limit yourself to what's on the official sponsorship list – propose other creative options!)"

But there’s so much more to the idea of using sponsorships at trade shows!

For starters, it’s important to know what your goals are for doing a sponsorship – what do you want to achieve?

Knowing that will help you hone in on which sponsorship makes the most sense. For example, if you want to connect with attendees then there’s not much point in paying to have your logo on the tote bag.

But too often sponsorships are bland and simply create a sea of logos around the convention center. So why not spice things up?

Here are some beyond-the-logo examples to get your creative juices flowing:

And in case you need even more inspiration, here are a few posts from the Trade Show Insights archives:

What kinds of creative sponsorships have you seen or used? Please share in the comments!

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