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Weekly Insights: Pre-show Marketing Inspiration

One goal of any exhibitor should be to have attendees looking forward to visiting your booth on the show floor. Doing a pre-show marketing campaign is one way to accomplish that. In this short video, I’ll show you an example of a creative direct mail campaign from NextPage that’s not trade show-specific, but the concepts

How Five Print Guys Took Over a Trade Show

Making a huge splash at a trade show isn’t limited to the biggest exhibits or the biggest budgets. International Paper (IP) proved that when they became the talk of the Adobe MAX show by creating a family of Print Guys who came to life with the help of augmented reality. Today’s guest expert is Emilee

Weekly Insights: How to Understand Prospects’ Needs

It’s a question I get from exhibitors all the time: “What questions should I ask in the booth in order to qualify the leads?” Now while those specific questions may vary from one exhibitor to another, depending on your actual business and what you provide, there are some common starter questions. This infographic from

Weekly Insights: Now is the Time to Prepare for GDPR

If you haven’t yet heard all the buzz about GDPR, you definitely will be soon. GDPR stands for the European General Data Protection Regulation, and once it takes effect on May 25, it will affect everyone doing business with any citizens of the European Union (EU), no matter where the organization or business is located.

Why Having Fun Matters

If you’re a follower of Trade Show Insights – or you’ve attended any of my workshops – you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of rewarding your team. Celebrating your wins not only results in happier teammates and reduced stress, but it also helps to build a feeling of community and camaraderie among your
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GPS Your Exhibit Marketing - Free Workshop

When you set out on a long-distance road trip to a place where you have never been, odds are you don't just jump behind the wheel and start driving. Instead, you probably study a map or program your destination into your GPS System. So why not create a GPS to guide your exhibit marketing this year? Click below to request access to this free training, along with a road map and a turn-by-turn checklist!

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