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Weekly Insights: Tap Into Creative Marketing Tools

Technology these days is evolving at lightning-speed. And if you’re not involved in the tech world, it’s likely there are new tools out there you could be using to market your trade shows and events, if only you knew about how to make them work. For example, just yesterday I sat in on a webinar

Weekly Insights: Timely Tips for Exhibitors from the World of Retail

It should come as no great surprise that trade shows and retail stores share a lot in common. After all, a trade show exhibit is a lot like a short-term store – no matter whether you’re selling products or services, or whether your audience is businesses/organizations or consumers. So it’s wise to pay attention to

Weekly Insights: What’s in Store for 2018?

It’s that time of year when everyone is making predictions, and the trade show industry is no exception. In fact, it was the topic of this week’s ExpoChat, where the conversation included: Healthy economy & healthy trade shows Personalized experiences for attendees Security becomes more of a focus Tech (of course!) including the use of

Weekly Insights: Color Trends for 2018

This week I got to indulge my inner color junkie by sitting in on a live webinar where the Pantone Color Institute debuted their Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet. During the webinar, they explained how this choice came to be by showing examples of the color trending in everything from fashion to

Weekly Insights: What Will Your Show (or Association) Audience Look Like in 20 Years?

It’s not necessarily a new topic: the average age of association members (and therefore trade show participants) is increasing. Organizations have been focused for years on recruiting more Millennials, which can mean a more secure future for their conferences and trade shows. But those younger professionals still aren’t joining in huge numbers. This recent article
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