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Trailblazer Jamie Romano Hillegas on Exhibitor Appreciation at Fresh Summit

Fresh Summit, produced by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), has some pretty amazing exhibitor loyalty – some companies have been exhibiting there for more than 50 years! So in this Trailblazer episode, we go behind the scenes with Jamie Romano Hillegas, PMA’s director of trade shows, to discover some things they’re doing that turn exhibitors into fans, including:

Trailblazer Peter Eelman on how IMTS is Becoming an Ongoing Industry Resource

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is finding success by shifting focus from being viewed as a one-week trade show to becoming the go-to industry resource. To do that, it’s critical to keep lines of communication with exhibitors and attendees open during the months between shows to maintain enthusiasm and interest. Peter Eelman and his team at IMTS understand this very

Trailblazer Tom Pellet on Rebranding the AAFP Conference & Trade Show

Today’s Trailblazer guest takes us behind the scenes to discover how one medical association is boldly reinventing their conference and trade show, transitioning from a medical education event to a total brand experience. In this interview, Tom Pellet shares some key points the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has learned so far in the process of rebranding

Trade Show Trailblazer Dan Cole on International CES

To kick off the new Trailblazer series, we’re honored to feature someone with a perspective from a show you’re quite likely familiar with — International CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show. In this interview, Dan Cole shares some keys to the mega-show’s success, including: How one-on-one conversations with exhibitors can pay off in incredible ways Why it’s
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