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Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Café

We're Open signTo provide a sense of community during this unique time, we’re hosting a Virtual Lunch, every Tuesday at Noon CT (for now). We share tips and resources with each other, as well as providing some encouragement and accountability.

There’s no charge to join our Virtual Lunch, and you don’t need any special software. Be sure to bookmark the page and put a reminder in your calendar. And if you can’t join us live, you’ll find the archives on that page as well.


Beginner's G2 Exhibit Mktg. cover“Beginner’s Guide to Exhibit Marketing” Toolkit

A successful exhibit experience depends on much more than just what happens in your booth. It’s a process that starts long before you ever enter the trade show floor, and continues long after the event ends. But you don’t have to guess at what needs to be done. This toolkit for beginning exhibitors has strategic tips and tools that you can implement, along with a checklist and glossary of terms you need to know. Request your own copy now!


“YES in 15” Weekly Tips

YESin15You don’t have to go it alone, even if you’re a lone wolf in your job as an exhibitor. This series of tips will only take a few minutes out of your week, yet can propel your exhibit marketing strategy forward like never before if you take action on each tip. It’s called “YES in 15” because it only takes 15 minutes a week (or less) to improve Your Exhibit Success (YES).

Each week, you’ll receive a short e-mail with a bite-size strategy and suggested action. Then you’ll have the opportunity to share your frustrations and successes in our online forum. All of this is provided at no cost as a gift to you, the time-crunched exhibitor. Simply click here to fill out a short subscription form. Be sure to check the box that says “YES in 15”! (Plus you’ll also receive the Trade Show Tips Online monthly ezine.)


The “Exhibitor Education Manifesto”

Exhibitor Education ManifestoIn 2012, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) issued a report on “How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent,” which stated that of the $24 billion used for U.S. trade show marketing, staff training comes in dead last at a measly 1%! (Another study reports that 31% of exhibitors provide no type of pre-show training at all!)

This manifesto was compiled to explain what exhibitor education is (and isn’t) and why it matters. If you believe your exhibit marketing could improve and you want to create the most successful exhibit team you’ve ever had, then go ahead and grab your free copy!


Free Videos

“7 Mistakes Exhibitors Make (and how to avoid them)”

"7 Mistakes Exhibitors Make" video series promoWant to know the 7 Mistakes Exhibitors Make (and how to avoid them)? Exhibit marketing strategist and author Marlys Arnold shares tips for transforming your next exhibit experience and attracting more qualified leads in this free video series. (Now available as part of the Exhibit Marketers Café Community!)