Weekly News & Insights: International CES Edition

Photo by: International CES
Photo by: International CES

Once again there’s good news coming out of Vegas — this week’s International CES has once again broken records in number of exhibitors and net square feet of space. Attendance is on track to exceed 150,000.

Every year, the mammoth show draws lots of attention from both the trade show industry and the mainstream media. So here are just a few of the articles that have popped up around the Web about various aspects of this year’s show:

  • 3 Must-Have Goals at Tech Trade Show CES (from Inc. 5000) <link removed due to unsafe site issues> – Great perspective from an exhibitor who started small there years ago and has now come full-circle to seek out the up-and-coming new innovators. Best quote: “It’s not the flashy set-ups that I seek out. It’s the basic 10×10, table-and-product set-up that I’m interested in. That’s where innovation is flourishing.”
  • 5 Fun and Odd Gadgets from CES (from CNN) – Of course it’s the gadgets that are the star at this show, so here are a few of this year’s most unusual: a “smart” fork, lowjack for your luggage, and smartphone glasses.
  • This is How Much Exercise You Get at a Trade Show (from Gizmodo) – The next time that your friends or family talk about what a glamorous job you have and how you get to go to such fun places, share this article with them so they can see how hard you really do work! Best quote: “When you finally get home, you find a dark corner and you try to pass out for 36 hours. Unless you have to work the next day.”


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