Invisible Industry Tour Heads to Philly

Invisible Industry Tour

It seems Philadelphia is the place to be this month — the Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) National Advisory Board Retreat is meeting, Temple University is installing its next university president, and the National Trade Show Alliance (NTSA) will be taking the Invisible Industry Tour to its next destination — Philadelphia City Hall.

The NTSA will be hosting DMO attendees, Temple University students, and many others to introduce them to the trade show, convention, meeting and live events industry. The Tour stresses our industry’s economic importance in cities across America as well as highlighting the various types of employment available within our industry to the next-generation workforce.

The Tour’s 49-foot Triune Quad-X Mobile Trailer will be parked on the north apron, west side, of Philadelphia’s City Hall at the entrance to Dilworth Park, from Sept. 15-16. Located at 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd., it’s just a couple of blocks away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

DMO represents 40,000 mayors, city council members, and other elected leaders across the U.S. The annual DMO Summer Retreat gives business, labor, and policy groups who work with cities the opportunity to connect with influential community leaders from across the U.S. The Retreat features group discussion and one-on-one sessions between local elected officials and Advisory Board partners.

DMO attendees are scheduled to visit the trailer Sept. 15-16 and will be immersed in interactive presentations, tour partner Captello’s gamifications, exhibits and time-lapse videos created by industry associations, designers, builders, unions, support services and more, showing the work that goes into producing a trade show, including setup to teardown and behind-the-scenes in proposals and design.

The Invisible Industry Tour kicked off on June 1, during Global Exhibitions Day in Washington, D.C. Tour partners include Triune Specialty Trailers who is providing the 49-foot Triune Quad-X Mobile Trailer and Brewco Marketing Group (BMG), who supplies the driver, tour manager and logistics. Captello is providing their CRM and marketing automation solutions, along with a suite of interactive gamification experiences to enrich the tour experience, increase engagement, and help the NTSA build a growing support network. Their premium lead retrieval solutions enable data capture via customized forms and a mobile device app from anywhere in the world. Trade Show Insights is also a proud supporter of the Tour.

The NTSA is collaborating with many industry veterans across the entire spectrum of the 6.6 million jobs that are involved in the live events industry to create a library of knowledge — consisting of 20-30 minute videos — to help train the next generation of trade show workers. By taking the mobile exhibit on the road for the next year, hopefully the industry’s anonymity can finally be ended by introducing the work opportunities that our industry can provide to the next generation.

A number of people teamed up to help bring the Tour to Philadelphia. Philadelphia Council member Derek Greene, Esq. extended the invitation. DMO’s Barbara Moore, Nils Robbins, and Neil Deegan, managing principal with Rittenhouse Political Partners, as well as Robert Allen from Philly’s Office of Special Events helped to coordinate the event, permits and prime location for the exhibit. Other local supporters include Professor Ira Rosen, program director of the Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program at Temple University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Jaime Martorana, communications manager, Philadelphia CVB and the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

Those who work in the trade show or live events industry are welcome to visit the mobile exhibit as well as join the NTSA for free by visiting or scanning the QR code on the exhibit.

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