This Week in Exhibit Industry News

Convention Center News:

Aviation Week’s MRO Americas 2012 Conference in Dallas didn’t go exactly as planned this week. In the middle of the conference, storm sirens began going off as the Metroplex was under a tornado emergency. But the staff at the Dallas Convention Center managed to evacuate all attendees to a safe location in a timely manner. It’s a great lesson in emergency management — Do you ask questions about disaster planning at your venues?

In an attempt to draw in new conventions, the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia is eliminating their 8 percent labor management fee. The change takes effect July 1 and is the first step in lowering labor costs at the center.

The Miami Beach Convention Center project has hit yet another bump in the road. This time, the man in charge of selecting redevelopment partners has suddenly resigned amidst allegations of professional misconduct. Because of this, some deadlines have been pushed back and the city is investigating whether any information was leaked in advance to give certain developers an advantage in the process.

Other Industry News:

No matter what you sell, if your audience doesn’t understand what you do, you’ll continue to struggle. In attempt to fix that misunderstanding, the Los Angeles tourism office has rebranded from LA INC. to the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

If you’ve ever wondered why laptops need to come out at airport security while iPads, Kindles, and other gadgets don’t? The New York Times investigated, and it seems the answer might not be what you think. Check out the article to unravel the mystery.

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