Exhibit Marketers Café Publishes ‘Exhibitor Education Manifesto’

Exhibitor Education ManifestoFor trade show exhibitors looking to improve their results, the best place to start may be by educating their exhibit staff. However, education is often the last thing on an exhibit manager’s list, or budget.

A recent survey by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) found that education receives a mere 1 percent of exhibit budgets, and another study indicates that 31 percent of exhibitors provide no type of pre-show training for their team at all.

“It just baffles me why exhibitors skip the education component when it’s been proven to increase the effectiveness of the exhibit and the number of leads gathered,” said trade show consultant and author Marlys Arnold. Taking a stand in defense of education, she wrote a short ebook, “Why 1% Isn’t Nearly Enough! – The Exhibitor Education Manifesto.” The ebook explains what education is and isn’t, plus why it matters for more than just exhibitors. And Arnold isn’t the only one who believes it matters — several other industry professionals share their views in the ebook as well.

The release of this manifesto coincides with the 14th annual ‘Build a Better Trade Show Image’ Week (February 17-23), a time designated for exhibitors to evaluate their current exhibit strategies. “It’s not too late to implement change for 2013 shows,” Arnold said.

To view or download a free copy of the ebook, go to www.exhibitmarketerscafe.com/manifesto.

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