Weekly News & Insights: Trade Show Travelers Edition

Photo by iStockphoto / jsmith
Photo by iStockphoto / jsmith

For those of us working in the trade show world, travel is a fact of life. We spend a good portion of our lives in airports and hotels. So whenever there’s travel news, it likely affects all of us.

That’s why the recent announcement by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to begin allowing pocketknives onboard airplanes should matter to trade show professionals. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has issued a statement urging the this move be delayed because of safety concerns. As a frequent flyer, I wholeheartedly agree — it’s not about the fact that YOU don’t plan to do anything wrong with the knives, but the potential of all kinds of crazy fliers to use them as weapons of their air rage. For exhibitors, this means it’s not a very good idea to hand out knives in your booth as giveaways. You don’t want to contribute to a mid-air incident.

It seems that no matter what fabulous technology to foil identity theft that appears on the horizon, the bad guys are always one step ahead. Now they’re targeting hotel guests in a myriad of ways, sometimes low-tech: calling your room pretending to be the front desk needing information, creating fake WiFi networks, or slipping a fake pizza ad under your door. Best advice here is to remain skeptical and always verify any request for information. This article shares more details on how to manage the threats lurking at your next hotel.

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