‘Free to Be Creative in Business’ – Bonus Gifts Await!

FreeToBeCreativeInBusinessMarlysMany of us grew up thinking work is hard. Freedom isn’t free. Fun is something you’ll have when you’re not working. Flexibility means sacrificing time, energy or money.

Or … you can have freedom, but you won’t have any rest. You can have flexibility but you won’t be taken seriously, whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional. You can have fun but you won’t have a lot of money.

My friend and colleague Kelly Galea has figured out what it takes to have more fun and be more creative in business. Kelly is a business coach and consultant who hosts the “From Corporate to Creative” radio show and “Creative in Business” podcast. She shows people how to find more freedom, flexibility, and fun in business so they can design and create a life and business that works for them.

I was honored to be a guest on Kelly’s radio show and now she’s invited me to collaborate on her latest project. She brought together over 25 highly successful creative entrepreneurs to share strategies & tips you can use right away as part of a And I’m excited to be one of the featured experts contributing a special gift!

The giveaway event is live and my brand-new bonus gift of ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Exhibit Marketing’ Toolkit is waiting for you this week, in addition to all the other free gifts you’ll discover.

Each week, a selection of episodes from Kelly’s radio show and podcast will be in the spotlight. You have the opportunity to get Kindle book transcripts (you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy them) of highlighted episodes — including mine! — plus additional gifts provided by featured experts, including:

  • Debra Jason, The Write Direction – a copywriting success formula
  • Cathy Jennings, No Pressure Networking – leverage networking connections into clients
  • Sandra Martini, Escalator Marketing – increase your bottom line through Extreme Client Care
  • Shelley Webb, On the Webb Social Media – using Pinterest for business

All are 100% FREE and available for a limited time (gifts change weekly during this event), .

Freedom, flexibility & fun aren’t for “someday” — they’re things you design, plan for and take action on in the present, so.

(Note: The above is my affiliate link, but I’d still promote Kelly’s event even without it!)


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