Weekly News & Insights: Road Warrior Edition

Photo: iStockphoto / Bill Grove
Photo: iStockphoto / Bill Grove

Working in the world of trade shows often means a lot of time spent in airports and hotels. So for all my fellow road warriors, here are some travel tidbits you’ll want to know about.

While the TSA is not anyone’s favorite government entity, they did score a few points recently with two significant decisions in passengers’ favor:

In other travel news, the $110 million renovations at Hyatt McCormick Place in Chicago are now complete. Anyone who’s attended a show at McCormick Place (which is the hotel’s primary audience — tourists don’t typically stay at that location) in the past two years has watched the transformation, starting with a new 12-story guestroom tower, renovated rooms and lobby in the existing tower, along with improved restaurant and meeting space. Now the fourth largest hotel in Chicago, the Hyatt is providing a much-needed boost for both convention business and the surrounding neighborhood.

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