Trailblazer Jamie Romano Hillegas on Exhibitor Appreciation at Fresh Summit

Fresh Summit, produced by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), has some pretty amazing exhibitor loyalty – some companies have been exhibiting there for more than 50 years! So in this Trailblazer episode, we go behind the scenes with Jamie Romano Hillegas, PMA’s director of trade shows, to discover some things they’re doing that turn exhibitors into fans, including:

  • Providing tools for new exhibitors to network and learn the ropes
  • Using an Exhibitor Advisory Committee to create advocates and a sense of ownership in the show
  • Creating tiered benefits for long-term exhibitors
  • Offering an interactive contest as a sponsorship opportunity
  • Giving back to the host community in a massive way

Note: Here’s the link to view recipes from the Sensory Experience Contest.

About Jamie Romano Hillegas:

Jamie Romano Hillegas
Jamie Romano Hillegas

As director of trade shows at Produce Marketing Association (PMA), Jamie Hillegas oversees the largest fresh fruit, vegetable and floral show in the Americas, which is ranked number 74 on Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 and number 81 in TSNN’s top 250 U.S. shows.

Jamie has over 15 years of experience in the trade show industry and was recognized by Produce Business Magazine as a “40 under 40” leader in 2011. In addition to overseeing all expo logistics for Fresh Summit – with 1,000-plus exhibitors and 270,000 net square feet of space – she is also responsible for developing and delivering PMA expositions that draw and retain a diverse mix of global exhibitors.

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