Weekly Insights: How’s Your Social Media Working?

Graphic: © Digital Juice
Graphic: © Digital Juice

Social media is no longer the new kid on the block, although there are constantly new “flavors of the month” to experiment with. This week’s ExpoChat (which is, ironically, a social media tool on Twitter) posed the question of what’s working in the trade show world, and the majority seems to be using the “Big 3” – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – in various combinations. But there are also those who are experimenting with SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and more. And then there’s always the topic of metrics … (Click here to read a complete transcript of the chat.)

So what about you – Whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer, which tools have you used that worked well? Do you count on organic reach (using the tools’ basic features for free), or have you boosted your visibility with paid ads or posts? Have you found a way to “hack” the system to get better results? Do tell! Please share your experiences in the comments below so we can all discover ways to make those tools do more.

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