Weekly Insights: The Next Generation of Exhibitors

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Graphic: © Depositphotos.com/zager

Remember your school’s science fair? Those might be considered somewhat like trade shows, right?

Well I recently discovered what may just be an emerging trend – actual student trade shows.

When you see one news item on a topic, it’s intriguing. But after seeing four or five articles pop up in my news feed over the past week or two, I decided I just had to share what’s happening. And these aren’t just high schools either – even a group of first-graders in Cape Girardeau, MO held their own Market Day event!

These kids are selling products or services, everything from home-baked cookies or crafts (first-graders) to homemade soaps, coffee beans, wood signs, and 3D-printed solutions. Here’s where you can check out more details on each one:

It’s exciting to see how these students are learning not only the principles of business and entrepreneurship, but also how to market themselves in a trade show environment! I’m definitely going to watch for any local schools that do this next year, so that I can go check out what they’re promoting. And I encourage you to do the same in your community.

Update:  And here’s yet another school, this time in Minnesota, that’s giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to become exhibitors.

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