Weekly Insights: New Tool Shares Data on the Top Trade Shows

TSNN Top 250 Dashboard
Graphic from TSNN Top 250 Dashboard

Every year, TSNN publishes a list of the Top 250 Trade Shows. But now they’re taking that list to a whole new depth of data.

In partnership with Bear Analytics, TSNN has created a dynamic data dashboard for the past five years. It’s a visual representation of U.S. shows from 2014-2018, representing 18,000,000 attendees, 982,857 exhibiting companies, and more than 336 million net square feet.

And here’s the best part – the TSNN Top 250 Dashboard is free to use!

Metrics include:

  • Net square footage and total attendance searchable by where the events took place – by city, region, or time of year
  • Specific events tracked across all five years
  • Attendees and exhibitors per square footage

Click here to check out the Dashboard!

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