Weekly Insights: Will CES Set the Tone for 2022?

The new year kicked off with a sense of normalcy, as CES returned to Las Vegas for a scaled-back in-person event. (Of course they offered online elements as well, since so many were unable to attend this year.)

Strict protocols were in place, with vaccines and masks required of all attendees and exhibitors. From the videos shared, people appeared to be following the guidelines. Here’s a look at opening day – while the crowd is nothing like in past years, the show floor still appeared to be enthusiastic and engaged. You’ll also find some photos on the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s website (although I couldn’t get their video to play).

So what does this mean for upcoming shows?

Expect to see smaller, but more highly-interested audiences. Those who make the effort to attend will be serious buyers. So stop complaining about low traffic volume!

Find new ways to engage that offer a more low-touch experience. (Yes, I know that appears to run counter-intuitive to the entire concept of trade shows, but just know that some people will want to look, not touch.) How can you engage in more creative ways?

What are you doing to reinvent your upcoming trade shows? Please share in the comments below.

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