Weekly Insights: 3 Ways to Recharge During Your Work Day


Recharge During Work Day

In the world of trade shows and events, it seems like we’ve launched straight out of a two-year hibernation into traveling at warp speed!

While everyone’s thankful to be working again, it seems our brains and bodies may need a little time to catch up. Combine that with a change in the clocks, and we’re all due for a few more “sanity breaks” each day.

So here are three of my favorite ways to quickly rejuvenate and re-energize when the to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter:

  1. Cue up three favorite tunes on your chosen device. These days, we all have an MP3 player within arm’s reach most of the time. So choose songs that relax you – or rev you up, if you need energy to make it through the day. Let your stress float away by closing your eyes, or dancing around your office. Music is not only good for the body, but also the soul.
  2. Take a brisk 10-minute walk. It doesn’t matter if you leave the office (or your house). Take a stroll around the building, or head outside for a breath of fresh air and a trip around the block. Getting your blood pumping will make you feel revitalized and ready to take on the next task.
  3. Get a change of scenery. Back when I worked out of my small apartment, I often packed up a tote bag and headed to a nearby tea and bagel location. (I’m not a coffee kind of girl!) This technique also works wonders if you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration – you might break out of your rut when you’re able to change your view. If you can’t leave the building, try changing rooms or even sitting in a different chair or on the couch instead. Take your laptop outside and sit on the porch to work.

No matter how busy we get – or how overwhelmed we may feel – there’s always time for a 10-15 minute reset. Plus it will make you more productive when you do get back to work.

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