Summer Reading List for Exhibit Marketers

A collection of business and marketing books with various colorful covers, including titles like “Fans First,” “Made to Stick,” and “Build a Better Trade Show Image,” arranged on a purple background.

What’s on your summer TBR list? (That’s “To be read,” in case you’re wondering.)

As trade show and event professionals, summer isn’t necessarily a slow time … especially these days! But you’ll likely have time to squeeze in a few books, whether you’re reading or listening to them.

So here are a few fun reads to get your creative juices flowing for your future projects!

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Fans First

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you probably know I’m a fan of Jesse Cole and the Savannah Bananas. (Even though I’ve never had the opportunity to attend one of their games.) There’s a lot that trade show and event organizers can learn from this unconventional baseball team! 

Non Obvious Megatrends

Ever wished you could predict the future? Author Rohit Bhargava offers a peek into his method for studying – and predicting – the trends that are shaping our world, and that have the potential to impact your business.

How the World Sees You

Author Sally Hogshead has made a career out of the science of fascination and has conducted research with more than 250,000 participants, including Fortune 500 teams, small businesses, and C-level executives. The result? She’s developed seven core “Advantages” and 49 Personality Archetypes that are key to communication and marketing. (And just in case you’re curious … I’m a Catalyst! Please share your Archetype in the comments below.)

And in case you’re looking for something specifically focused on trade show marketing, you could say I wrote the book … literally two of them!

Build a Better Trade Show Image

No matter your level of experience in the world of trade shows, Build a Better Trade Show Image has been designed with tools for you. This revised and updated edition contains fresh ideas and examples from exhibitors in all types of industries.

Exhibit Design That Works

Exhibit Design That Works is for any exhibitor who wants to design a more engaging, client-attracting exhibit that results in a greater return on their trade show investment.

What books have helped with your trade show marketing? Please share your recommendations in the comments!

And if you’d like help coming up with specific ideas for your next trade show, reach out to me. We can set up a brainstorming session to discover ways you can take your show to the next level.

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