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YES Challenge: “Who’s the Face of Your Exhibit?”

In previous weeks we talked about Presence and Promotions. This week, our focus is on People … both those who are working in your booth and the ones you’re there to reach. Today, YES Challenge host Marlys Arnold discusses challenges faced when working with various types of booth staffers, including tips for: Educating newbies or

The ABC’s of Exhibit Marketing: B is for Booth Behavior

Our series of quick tips about all aspects of exhibit marketing continues with Booth Behavior, because studies show your exhibit staff accounts for 85 percent of an attendee’s first impression of your booth. Please feel free to share these graphics with anyone you feel could benefit from the tips.

Are You Attracting Attention … or Just Clogging the Aisles?

Prefer to listen to this article? Just click on the play button at the bottom of this entry! No matter how great your product, if no one is attracted to your booth, you won’t have much success at a show. You’re just one of dozens (or in some cases, hundreds) of exhibits in that show

Back-to-School Lessons for Exhibit Marketers

Back to-school basics for exhibit marketers from Marlys Arnold

Interview with Marlys Arnold at Red Diamond Congress

Interview with Marlys Arnold, ImageSpecialist from Bill Sell on Vimeo. The discussion includes tips for media relations, booth staff behavior, partnering with show management, sustainability and more.
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