Exhibitor Show 2007 – Part 1

For this episode of the Trade Show Insights podcast, we’re doing part one of a review of the Exhibitor Show in Vegas, held in March 2007. This time, we’ll cover some new and innovative product discoveries. Next time, we’ll continue the review with some clever exhibit displays and booth attraction ideas.

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Booth Display Elements

  • Eco-Systems creates modular exhibits from recycled or earth-friendly materials.

DSCN1309 DSCN1310

  • Texture Plus offers incredibly realistic faux surfaces that assemble easily.

DSCN1319 DSCN1320


  • Technifex has realistic faux fire units and a mystical screen that combines water, lighting and a projection system.
  • Outwater Plastics developed a way to embed scent into your booth display materials.
  • Blue Telescope created the Starmap interactive kiosk to enhance booth interaction.


Giveaways & Pre-Show Promotions Ideas

  • Trade Show Laser offers an in-booth engraving system with a variety of items to personalize for booth visitors.

It’s a pen holder … DSCN1342 … turned desk plate! DSCN1341

  • TripBuilder introduced the new Top Spots Guides, which combine a map and short guide on up to 14 cities.



Software Tools

  • Impact Unlimited developed Eventrends, a customer engagement tool to help you recognize, target and engage prospects.
  • FISH Software showcased some enhancements to their RFID technology which helps to customize each attendee’s experience, as well as analyzing booth traffic patterns.

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