Exhibitor Show 2009 Review

This year’s EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas was a time to come together as an industry to demonstrate that we will not only survive, but can also thrive. Companies debuted new and innovative products and services for exhibitors, and once again showcased some clever exhibit displays and booth attraction ideas.

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Clever Theme & Design Examples

Instead of avoiding the subject of the economy, several exhibitors decided to tackle it head-on.

  • Kubik used a low-budget chalkboard wall with the message “Cutting back shouldn’t leave you feeling empty. Be a smart cookie.”


  • Steelhead Productions also used a food-related theme with their Lemonade Lounge: “Turning sour budgets into sweet exhibits.” Visitors received a glass of lemonade and were entertained by a flair bartender.

DSCN2587 DSCN2589

  • And speaking of tackling your challenges head-on … the folks at Switch featured a truck crashing through a brick wall, encouraging attendees to “Liberate your brand.”


Booth Design Elements

It was no surprise that many exhibits this year were very simple and often used fabric to help with today’s shrinking budgets.

  • One very streamlined display was EZ Backdrops, which is a fabric banner that requires no hardware to display! Simply attach the banner to the show’s pipe and drape system instead.
  • Another simple fabric display is Brand Booths, which are freestanding kiosks that are great for outdoor festivals.
  • Nimlok featured a bi-layered banner that gives an illusion of being 3-D.
  • Although not fabric, STAX is a lightweight modular system that allows for nearly infinite combinations for your display.

DSCN2575 DSCN2576

  • Fabric Images showcased a giant fabric “ceiling fan,” which had no motor of its own.


  • How do you demonstrate how your product is superior to competitors? Eco-Systems Displays used an innovative “Good, Bad & Ugly” flip board!

DSCN2584 DSCN2585

Promotion & Attraction Ideas

  • Got something to say? Wear it on a digital badge! Audience.tag badges have a small video screen that plays a loop of your company’s messages.
  • Speaking of digital messaging, Kaon Interactive featured touch-screen monitors that offer visitors a 3-D tour of your products.
  • Globotech featured their digital banner stand, which is a completely portable plug-and-play system.
  • For more low-tech, pocket-sized messaging, there’s the Mini Brochure.

Several people commented that they noticed less giveaway items this year, probably due to reduced budgets. But the trends for giveaways that remained were:

  1. Green: Think Green Promos featured their custom recycled bags and stated “Green is the new black.”
  2. Personalized: Ardent Impressions (formerly InstaFotos) showcased their laser-engraved photo dog tags, engraved flash drives, and various foil imprinted items.

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