This Week in Exhibit Industry News – Memorial Weekend Edition

It’s a holiday weekend in the U.S., but odds are many Americans won’t be taking an extended vacation. A recent survey commissioned by Radisson Hotels and published in USA Today says that nearly half of Americans fail to take all the vacation days they’ve earned. To make up for that, 63 percent take their families along on business trips, which are more likely to be held at a luxury resort this year, according to an article in Forbes magazine. Group travel spending in 2011 was up by 8 percent and is continuing to climb. While these corporate retreats may be shorter in time, they are once again being held in four- and five-star resorts and include teambuilding excursions and golf, as well as high-end dining.

When is a trade show not a trade show? When it’s a reverse trade show, such as a recent event in St. Petersburg, FL, where local businesses were invited to learn about opportunities with the city. Business owners met with representatives of various city departments to find out how to register as official vendors and bid on part of the $210 million the city purchases in supplies and services each year.

And finally … think you’ve seen it all as far as conventions and trade shows? Not likely unless you’ve been to all of the ones on this list of the Top 10 Strange Conventions! This dubious list compiled by includes the Xena Warrior Princess Convention and Blobfest … need we say more?

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