Make Networking Fun & Productive – Part 1

Cathy Jennings

Anyone can feel a bit uncomfortable at times when it comes to networking at events, no matter whether you’re an exhibitor or an attendee — and no doubt that feeling gets exponentially stronger if you’re an introvert. So how do you overcome the fear and make networking fun?

In this first half of a two-part interview, Cathy Jennings from No Pressure Networking shares tips for what to do at an event, including how to:

  • Set networking goals for the event
  • Prepare for the conversation ahead of time
  • Use the buddy system to make introductions
  • Make an invitation to lunch (which can lead to amazing connections)

Cathy is a self-described “situational extrovert” and Chief Conversation Starter who has co-authored two books: Make Your Connections Count: Networking Know-How to Make Your Business Thrive and Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Business and in Life.

To listen to Part 2 of Cathy’s networking tips (featuring what to do after the event), click here.

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