Weekly News & Insights: Celebrating Trade Shows

Graphic: "Aim for the Stars" by Digital Juice
Graphic: “Aim for the Stars” by Digital Juice

Today kicks off the 3-day Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S., which as the official start of summer is often filled with cookouts and barbecues. So for this holiday weekend edition, here’s some food for thought I recently discovered from Anita Watts on FilmJournal.com about why it’s important to go to trade shows:

“Trade shows bring business partners together and they can introduce you to new ways of thinking about your business. From an operational standpoint, attending trade shows that strengthen your business in all its aspects is a smart way to stay in touch with today’s constantly changing environment. With trade-show opportunities in cities across the country and abroad, you have the chance to participate in conversations that can revise or invigorate your strategies.”

(To read the full article, click to visit FilmJournal.com.)

I wholeheartedly agree! Here’s wishing you a wonderful, restful weekend so you can come back re-energized and ready to build an awesome exhibit marketing strategy.


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