Build a Better Trade Show Image Week: Follow-Up

TS-Image-Wk-banner-2014As we wrap up Build a Better Trade Show Image Week for this year, I want to shine the spotlight on what happens (or should be happening) after the show closes and your booth is packed up. Because it’s not over … you’re simply moving into the follow-up stage of your exhibit marketing strategy. So here are some tips to keep you headed in the right direction to maximize your leads.

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Scary Tales of Trade Show Follow-Up (podcast)

The reason I established Build a Better Trade Show Image Week was to set aside a time for exhibitors to focus on their marketing strategy. Hopefully these daily summaries have provided you a way to do that and have offered new insights for your upcoming shows. And if you want to explore these five topics even further, you may want to sign up for the free workshop, “GPS Your Exhibit Marketing.”

So what was your biggest ‘ah-ha’ from these tips & what will you do differently because of what you learned?

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