Weekly Insights: Visual Data from the TSNN Top 250 List

Graphic from the TSNN Top 250 Data Visualizations by Bear Analytics

Graphic from the TSNN Top 250 Data Visualizations by Bear Analytics

If you’re a visual person, reading a list of facts and figures probably causes you to nod off at your desk, or at the very least go grab another cup of caffeine. So if you’ve avoided reading the TSNN Top 250 List, there’s a new tool that’s made for you!

The folks at TSNN partnered with Bear Analytics to create a series of charts and graphs that highlight where and when the shows are held (as in the graphic on the right), as well as individual show statistics (square footage and attendance) and overall trends. There’s even a comparative analysis between 2014 and 2015 shows. You can check out all the data dashboards here.

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