What Every Exhibitor (and Show Manager) Needs to Know About Branding

Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not your logo. It goes far beyond that, and if you’re not careful you might be misrepresenting it in your exhibits. So we’ve invited Ben Baker back on the podcast to talk about how your brand needs to tell your unique story, whether you’re an exhibitor or the organizer of the show itself. He covers tips on how to:

  • Get clear on your brand before communicating it to others
  • Educate the entire team on the brand message (you may be surprised how it’s being interpreted!)
  • Avoid sending mixed messages that confuse the audience
  • Plus for show managers: Develop a powerful brand for the show that builds attendance

Simply click the play button below to listen!

About Ben Baker:

Ben Baker
Ben Baker

With nearly two decades of experience in print, direct mail, non-disclosure printing services, and promotional marketing, Ben Baker’s goal is to help people communicate effectively and get noticed. As president of Your Brand Marketing, he believes that marketing needs to be integrated in order to achieve goals and support brand objectives. He understands what it takes not only to develop a brand, but to communicate it to the right audience, so that they will positively identify and engage with it.

If you have additional questions about building your brand, you can learn more or connect with Ben at YourBrandMarketing.com.



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