Detroit’s Cobo Center Makes Going Green a Priority

Since today is all about the ‘wearing of the green,’ it only seems appropriate to share the story of how one convention center is going green every day.

The idea for this episode was sparked during a recent edition of ExpoChat about sustainability in the world of trade shows. I was very impressed with the tweets posted by the Cobo Center in Detroit:

So I made arrangements for you to hear details on how the Center is making that transformation straight from Claude Molinari, general manager. In this interview, he shares details on:

  • The role the Cobo Center Green Committee plays in day-to-day actions
  • Changes made to the facility itself
  • Maximizing food service efforts, both in and out of the Center
  • Strategies for educating the in-house team, event organizers, and guests

And speaking of education … there’s a wealth of tools on the Cobo Center website, including a statement of their green practices, 20 Ways Events Can Go Green, the venue’s formal Environmental Policy, and more. You’ll find it all these and more on their Green Initiatives page.

Simply click the play button below to listen to the entire interview!

About Claude Molinari:

Claude Molinari

As the General Manager for Cobo Center, Claude Molinari is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation and business development, including budgeting, forecasting and financing, and implementing safety, security and crisis management programs. He negotiates with local trade unions, develops business contingency, facility safety and emergency plans, and assures that the annual budget goals are achieved.

Coming to the Cobo Center from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC) in Pittsburgh, Pa., Molinari served as assistant general manager there since 2005. During his tenure at the DLCC, Molinari oversaw budgeting, forecasting and financing, and implemented award-winning safety, security and crisis management programs.


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