How to Score More Trade Show Leads Using Gamification Strategies

Samuel J. Smith

Gamification. It’s a word you’ve probably been hearing a lot in the business world lately. But have you taken steps to implement it into your exhibit marketing?

Today’s guest expert is Samuel J. Smith from Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC. Scroll down to listen as he not only explains what gamification is, but also gives you insights on:

  • How adding a game element in your booth can motivate attendees
  • Why it works for any size booth space (with examples)
  • What kinds of games work best depending on your desired outcome
  • How show organizers can add gamification elements

Samuel J. Smith is an award-winning innovator in event technology. He is the managing director and owner of Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC, creators of the SocialPoint Audience Engagement Platform. If you’d like to learn more about their digital game options, visit the website at You’ll also want to be sure to check out their blog for more tips, as well as the report Sam wrote for the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

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