Creating a Memorable Experience in a Small Booth

I love helping exhibitors discover the amazing power of trade show marketing! It’s fun to be a part of the brainstorming and strategizing for all aspects of their exhibits.

It’s even more fun when I hear reports back from them about how they smashed all goals they had going into the show, and how response to their booth was beyond expectations.

Jeanne Beard

That’s exactly the report I received from Jeanne Beard at the National Autism Academy after their recent experience at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), so I asked her to be a guest on Trade Show Insights to share what they did and the results they got. I guarantee you’ll be amazed and inspired!

Listen in as Jeanne shares how they:

  • Surpassed their goal for the number of attendees they talked to
  • Created a simple takeaway tool (which was such a hit they gave away every last one they brought!)
  • Crafted an immersive experience that had physicians coming back to share it with others
  • Designed a quiz to capture attendee information for customized follow-up

And here’s a look at their marketing materials:

National Autism Academy backdrop graphic (courtesy of NAA)
National Autism Academy table tent (photo courtesy of NAA)

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